A Complete Global Payments Platform

Build in the ability to receive funds, make payments, and withdraw money using ACH, Wire, Checks and Push to / Pull from Card via a single API call.

Core banking payments

Provide your customers with everything they need to move money in or out of their accounts

Provide your customers with everything they need to move money in or out of their accounts


• Allow customers to move funds between their accounts and any external bank account by originating ACH debits or credits.


• Send/receive funds directly from their accounts via wire transfers (aka Fedwire) with just the routing and account numbers.


• Send physical or digital checks and make instant remote deposits via an API call

Card network payments

PayGears is a registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) with Mastercard and VISA. PayGears can offer you access to VISA, Mastercard

Purchase/Pull from Card

• From points of sale (POS) to eCommerce transactions, our Purchase/Pull solution allows funds to be pulled from cards via a single API call.

Push to Card

• Using the same payment rails as Purchase/Pull, funds can be sent to physical or virtual cards with our Push to Card solution.

Mastercard Cash Pickup

• Enable consumers to instantly access cash at any enabled ATM using only their phone number and transaction code to receive funds.

Differentiate Your Platform


International Payments

Send payments across borders. Customers can allow their payments to be received at thousands of locations around the world.

Recurring Payments

Create payments that happen on a regular schedule, that repeat forever or until you specify they stop to build better subscription, savings, rent, and other types of routine payment experiences.

Real-Time Payments

Initiate and settle irrefutable payments nearly instantaneously


It's time to build

We’ve simplified integration by building a RESTful JSON API. Deploying your financial products can be as fast and simple with PayGear’s powerful APIs, Dashboard, SDKs, and white-label UI.

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