We Help Innovative Companies Build and LaunchFinancial Products

PayGears enables companies to launch fully compliant financial products or to embed powerful financial features into their existing product through a single feature-rich banking-as-a-service API.


Banking Solutions For Every Need

Deliver your service faster, more profitably and ensure a superior customer experience

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Accounts for every customer and funds flow

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Card Programs

Launch a next-generation card program tailored to your customers

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Build in the ability to receive funds, make payments, and withdraw money

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Merchant Services

Accept payments anytime, anywhere


A fully integrated suite of Banking Products

Paygears offers banking products and solutions and our API allows you to integrate one product or solution, or everything we offer.

Embedded Finance

Integrate custom-built, API driven, financial services in record time to drive revenue growth and attract new customers.


PayGear’s flexible APIs and robust SDK is a next-generation, all-in-one digital banking platform enabling you to launch a NeoBank in weeks, not months.

Fintech Aggregators

Don’t spend time building your own banking infrastructure, instead let PayGears white label API to power your business and help you achieve faster time-to-market.

Choose From A Variety Of Banking Products


Push to Card


Virtual Cards

Remote Deposit

Bill Pay

Credit Cards

Book Payments


Physical Cards




One Stop-Shop

PayGears Advantage

PayGears gives you all the tools you need to launch complex financial products quickly and compliantly.

Feature-rich API built for scale

Build unique features using our suite of APIs, developer tools, and guides to launch in as little as five weeks.

Compliance as a service

Our team of compliance experts is available to you to help you launch and scale. Focus your time and money on building differentiated products and experiences your customers love.

We bring the bank

PayGears manages the bank sponsorship so you can focus on building the right experience.


It's time to build

We’ve simplified integration by building a RESTful JSON API. Deploying your financial products can be as fast and simple with PayGear’s powerful APIs, Dashboard, SDKs, and white-label UI.

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