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Rapid Onboarding

Merchant setup is seamless whether its individual or batch setups.

Developer-Friendly API

Developer-Friendly API

Integrate quickly without compromising security

End to End Payment Processing

End to End Payment Processing

Simple acquirer platform integration & fully customisable to suit your merchant needs.

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Start processing payments instantly

Unlock key payment methods and connect to payment providers and acquirers with one integration.

Our developer-friendly API enhances your brand and user experience.

Real-time Reports and Analytics

Real-time reports and analytics put details of transactions, customer spend and performance trends at your fingertips.

Gain insights into the health of your business and implement plans that drive results.

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It's time to build

We’ve simplified integration by building a RESTful JSON API. Deploying your financial products can be fast and simple with PayGear’s powerful APIs, Dashboard, SDKs, and white-label UI.

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