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A Payment Experience tailored to your brand

Embed our white-label API into your product or application for a seamless customer experience.

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Real-Time Visibility into Your Payments Data

Effortlessly track payments with real-time webhooks or on a comprehensive dashboard.

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Solutions that Scale with Your Growth

Expand to millions of users confidently, with payment technology built to match your growth

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Accelerate Payment Settlement

Optimize cash flow management by shifting from paper checks to electronic payments, concurrently minimizing labor-intensive tasks associated with processing, mailing, and tracking paper checks.

Improve Customer Experience

Customers expect a smooth digital payment experience and are willing to change providers to obtain them.

By providing a wide selection of easy-to-use, secure, businesses can boost revenue and close more sales, thanks to the added convenience, enhanced service quality, and broader appeal to a diverse customer base.

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Reduce Fees

Maximize cost efficiency in payment processing by selecting payment rails that align with your business needs.

Payment Rails


Originate ACH credits and debits with a single API request.


Transfer funds immediately to any bank account through FedWire via API.


Send physical or digital checks and make instant remote deposits.

Card Push/Pull

Initiate real-time card payment transactions such as “push”, “pull” via API call

Bill Pay

Frictionless, high-quality bill payments on the largest biller network

FedNow (coming soon)

The Federal Reserve’s new real-time payment rail. Instant, transparent, and available 24/7/365.


It's time to build

We’ve simplified integration by building a RESTful JSON API. Deploying your financial products can be fast and simple with PayGear’s powerful APIs, Dashboard, SDKs, and white-label UI.

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