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What is MasterCard RPPS?

RPPS is a comprehensive solution for efficient and secure payment processing, particularly beneficial for businesses dealing with a high volume of transactions or requiring quick settlement times

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Extensive biller reach

RPPS provides a single connection to 95% of US-based Customer Service Providers (CSPs) and Biller Service Providers (BSPs)

Its directory has Over 20,000 billers with ~190,000 endpoints and growing

Quick Routing and Settlement

The service enables routing and settlement of transactions within 24 hours, ensuring swift processing of payments.

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Electronic Exceptions Service

This feature reduces the number of payments that can’t be handled electronically and need to be paid by paper check.

It ensures exception payments are posted more quickly and reduces the cost of processing these payments.

Real-time notifications

Receive webhooks or get informed through a web portal to stay updated at every process stage.

Real time notifications

A fully integrated suite of Banking Products


Originate ACH credits and debits with a single API request.


Transfer funds immediately to any bank account through FedWire via API.

Bill Pay

Frictionless, high-quality bill payments on the largest biller network


Send physical or digital checks and make instant remote deposits.

Card Push/Pull

Initiate real-time card payment transactions such as “push”, “pull” via API call.

Bank Accounts

FDIC-insured deposit accounts for individuals or businesses.

Card Issuing

Build a customized card program on the network of your choice.

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