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The ampliFi SDK From PayGears Corporation

The ampliFi SDK is a part of our ampliFi software suite and creates a developer-friendly abstraction layer that is pre-integrated with all of our ampliFi API and can be used in mobile and/or web browser environments, as well as in server-side node.js environments, enabling client-side and server-side development in parallel. Thus, it not only creates a gateway to our payment rails and services available through connectFi, such as ACH, Bill Payment, Wires, Card Issuing, and Acquiring, but it also provides access to ampliFi's middleware features - including User Management, Authentication, Velocity Limits, Imaging, and other microservices vital to banking applications. The ampliFi SDK provides the tools to add financial services into a new or existing application quickly and securely, while, at the same time, ensuring compliance with business and regulatory requirements.

Where can I find out more?

To read more about the features offered by the ampliFi SDK from PayGears, visit the visit the visit the AMPLIFI SDK Overview.

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