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What is Collaborative Authorization?

Collaborative Authorization gives you the opportunity to step beyond the default decisioning process included with all our card-issuing services and customize the way in which card actions are authorized case-by-case.

When you subscribe to the Collaborative Authorization service, each time we receive a financial transaction card-originated message pertaining to an issued card, we will parse the message into a user-friendly, informative format and send a single POST webhook to your preset webhook URL. For request type messages, your response to the received webhook will include your decisioning result (e.g. "00" - Approved). For advice type messages, once you have acknowledged receipt of the Collaborative Authorization Webhook, the contents of the message are informative only and will not require decisioning.

Collaborative Authorization provides your business with greater autonomy and control with regard to the decisioning of transactions, allowing your business the power of an added layer of customization and security.

Where can I find out more?

To read more about Collaborative Authorization through PayGears, visit the Collaborative Authorization Overview.

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